PVC Coated Gabions

PVC coated steel double twisted hexagonal wire mesh baskets filled with stone are used for various applications including but not limited to retaining walls, mechanically stabilized soil retaining structures, stream and river bank protection, slope paving, outfall structures, weirs and drop structures etc.

•Gabions are defined as double twisted woven wire mesh box shaped baskets of various sizes and dimensions.

•The selvedges of the gabion baskets are the thicker perimeter and edge wires to which the wire mesh is secured as to withstand sudden or gradual stress from any direction.

•Reinforcing wires are the thicker wires incorporated into the netting during fabrication.

•Lacing or tie wire is the wire used to assemble and join the gabion units.

•Connecting wires are the internal wires used to prevent the gabions from bulging.