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  Gabions (Gabiony)  

Gabion is an element in the form of blocks made of wire mesh nettings of twisted hexagonal opening or welded square or rectangular openings, which is filled with natural stone for river, hill protection or construction.


Gabion Box

Gabions are enviroment friendly and cost effective when compared to other options. The inherent advantages of cost and the fact that Gabions withstand the rigors of the enviroment for very long periods of time...
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Woven Gabions

Wire mesh for making gabions is hexagonal opening with the aperture of 80x100mm, the wire diameter of 2.7mm and selvedge wire of 3.4mm diameter. Woven wire gabions are cylindrical baskets made of double twisted...
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Gabion Baskets

Gabion are rectangular cages made of hexagonal double-twist wire mesh filled with appropriately sized rock or quarry stone. The wire used is a mild tensile steel wire, class A galvanized to SABS 675 of 1993.
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  Galfan + PVC Coated Gabions
  Galfan plus PVC coating mesh gabions and mattresses Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Coated Gabionshave heavy zinc plating and pvc coating to ensure an excellent corrosion resistance and long term use for protection of rivers and seashore projects. The thick selvedge wire and lacing wire further reinforces the structures of the Galfan gabions. Learn more.
  Hexagonal Triple Twisted Gabion Mattresses:

Flood Protection Gabion MattressWe offer reliable and durable flood protection embankment work constructed with triple twisted mesh gabions. The body wire, lacing wire, selvedge wire for the gabion mesh and the operating tie wire are made of annealed mild steel wire with zinc coating. The wire has an average strength of 38-50 kg/mm2. The mesh cages are subdivided into work cells by wire-mesh diaphragms with a maximum dimension of 1.0 m for gabion boxes, and 2 x 0.6 m for mattresses. All edges of gabions, diaphragms and end panels are selvedged to prevent raveling of the mesh and to reinforce the full strength of the mesh. Learn more.

  Double Twisted Hexagonal Mesh Gabion Baskets

Double Twisted Steel Basket Type Rock GabionsCommon treatment for this mild steel mesh gabion is galvanizing or hot dip galvanizing. PVC coating is also available upon request with additional cost. Reinforced with diaphragm and selvage wire. Learn more.

  Woven Wire Mesh Cages for Gabion Project

Woven Wire Cages for Gabion BuildingWoven Wire Cages/Baskets for Gabion Project: Hexagonal shaped woven mesh cages or baskets instead of Welded Mesh Baskets for gabion construction. To avoid the possible spot welding breaking of the welded mesh structures. The wire mesh material can be treated with three options: hot dipped galvanized, galvanized aluminum alloy or PVC coating. The flat front, base, back and lid of gabions woven into single unit. Learn more.

Gabions and Goetextile Materials Supply for Bridge Construction Project:

For the river training in a bridge construction project, the materials we supply include: gabions and geotextiles. Gabions wire boxes are preferably polyvinyl chloride powder coated, simplified as P. V. C. coated wire mesh suitable for salt water exposure. The geotextile fabrics are non-woven poly sheet extremely anti-tearing and anti-breaking, suitable for placing behind or under rip rap, stone beaching, retaining walls, gabions and mattresses. Gabion Basket with Polyvinyl Chloride Coating for River Training Construction

Geotextile Filter Cloth for Gabions Slopes

The construction steps involves:
Gabions Placing;
Gabions construction of of Levees, Platforms for River training;
Gabion Works and the Realignment of Channels;
Geotextile Fabric placing;
Rock Rip Rap construction….
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  About Us  

Aerct Gabiony Factory is a customer-driven producer and exporter of gabions and related wire netting products with good performance.

Utilizing a team approach, Aerct delivers excellent customer services and products including but not limited to: hexagonal wire netting, welded mesh gabions, woven hexagonal gabions, gabions baskets, gabion boxes, mattress, Terramesh system, flexible soft hillside protection wire mesh gabions as well as other gabion systems.

Aerct teams work with customers to standardize a manufacturing process, and deliver products and technical services as needed.

A North China-based supplier of wire mesh gabions, Aerct is recognized as a China leader in quality and innovation. ISO 9001 certified in 1998.


Ordering Gabions According to Specific Uses and Styles:

Specific uses: Gabions can be used as elements for building retaining wall structures, hydraulic structures (dam or culverts), soil stabilization, mass gravity retaining, rock fall protection, roadway protection, bridge protection, architectural elements ( slabs ) for wall cladding. The specific application needs different types, finishes and physical properties of the mesh gabions. That will change the cost of the gabions materials.

Types and Finishes: Welded gabions or twisted. Both hot dipped galvanized or PVC green painted or Galfan wires are supplied for both styles. The structures can be Collapsible or Open Gate. Gabions are made in folded structures, with open gate or open top lid for easy using as containers.

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